Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy

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Transactive control: a framework for operating power systems characterized by high penetration of distributed energy resources

1 Center for Electric Power and Energy, Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark 2 Netherlands Organization for Applied Research, TNO, The Hague, The Netherlands 3 State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, Nanjing, China

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The authors thank Pamela Macdougall of TNO, The Netherlands for her valuable comments on the draft of this article. Koen Kok’s contribution to the writing of this article was financed by the TNO Early Research Program on Energy Storage and Conversion (ERP ECS) through the SOSENS project. This work is partly supported by the Danish iPower project (http://www.ipowernet. dk/) funded by the Danish Agency for Research and Innovation (No. 0603-00435B).

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    The increasing number of distributed energy resources connected to power systems raises operational challenges for the network operator, such as introducing grid congestion and voltage deviations in the distribution network level, as well as increasing balancing needs at the whole system level. Control and coordination of a large number of distributed energy assets requires innovative approaches. Transactive control has received much attention due to its decentralized decision-making and transparent characteristics. This paper introduces the concept and main features of transactive control, followed by a literature review and demonstration projects that apply to transactive control. Cases are then presented to illustrate the transactive control framework. At the end, discussions and research directions are presented, for applying transactive control to operating power systems, characterized by a high penetration of distributed energy resources.

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